Legal Position




Notification of our Current Legal Position. After two Court Cases in five years, WE WON BOTH .

The history of the Scottish Knight Templars in Scotland the (SKT-SMOTJ(c))and the IFA-OCMTH(R)TM and its lineage in the EEC, etc. Our histories are still being researched by our worldwide members, and many others associates who like us are also interested in this period of our various Nation's History. We maintain our claims to be the last of the true Knight Templar Order. Our claims based on proven historical facts, not works of fiction. The Sources of all historical facts on our Orders real Christian History are freely available to all serious researchers. These from the National Library of Scotland, National Records Office, Mitchell Library, and Public Libraries, and varied public and private Archives within, and outwith the Realm of Scotland. Also the infamous and proven in Court, Masonic Forgery; "The Charter of Larmenius" dated 1314 it confirms our SMOTJ Order's Status as the last of the true Knight Templar Order. It actually names the Scottish Grand Priory under its Grand Master; Robert Bruce, King of Scots, and his Scottish Knight Templars as being expelled by this Masonic forged Charter of Larmenius. We in Scotland have always stated that this is a Masonic forgery. The Larmenius Document has no legality, nor any credence, and it is accepted by Historians as a proven Forgery. As also has the British National Library in London. They gave it away for nothing to Freemasons Hall in London, this after proving that it was a forged document confirmed as such by their own world renowned experts? All the other 1995 Neo Templar Orders onwards ,are just Self Created Corporate Business Orders, "Inc" or "self created Neo Templar OSMTH(Regency)Orders" and all of them are our inferiors with no connections to our Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem. Basically stated we are an Ecumenical Christian Non Masonic Chivalric Organisation.
Having told you what we are, let us tell you what we are not;

1. The Order is not associated in any way with Freemasons. we simply note for clarification that we are two totally separate and distinct Organisations. Each goes its own way.

2. The Order is not associated in any way with any of the 1995 OSMTH onwards self created Orders who call themselves KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. They have no connection to us, no history before they were self created, and have no links to us, our Order, or to the Catholic or Christian Church. We do not accept ex members of these groups, as even being Christians, never mind Knight Templars. We again point out that it is an immediate expulsion matter for any of our members to even meet with. Or to discuss our Templar Order Affairs with any non members of these Orders. Or to hold meeting with any known Freemasons as the two persons expelled by us on 17th of March 2007 can confirm. Mr G MacGregor Comrie, Mr Darren Young.

3. The Order is not a "Secret Society", nor is it a threat to the Democratic Process either.

4. The Order does not require members to act in any way contrary to their obligation to their Country. Or their Religion.

5. All applicants applying to join our Order, must be current practising Christians, and Non Masonic. Freemasons, or ex Freemasons are barred from ever joining our Orders Non Masonic ranks.

We can state on Vatican Authority, also the Orthodox Church's authority that none of these false self created Knight Templar Orders who abuse our Sovereign name, our History, and who are also named as being banned in the Papal Edict of all named Knight Templars Orders. This PAPAL EDICT issued to all Catholic Clergy Worldwide by Cardinal Ratzinger. This was issued when he was the Cardinal, of the Doctrine of the Faith, he is now Pope Benedict XV1. This Papal Edict clearly stating that none of the Knight Templar Orders named , or any claiming to be continuing Knight Templar Orders, will ever be accepted, or recognised by the Catholic Church. A copy of this Templar Papal Edict to the Worldwide Clergy was given to us in January 2007, hence the reason why we had to change our Orders main name, also issue new Brevets to our members in March 17th 2007, this prior to our International World Conference in Edinburgh, May 2007, this name change also goes back to the IFA-OCMTH(R)TM period. This one given to us by the Catholic Church, it was used by us in our 1979 Vatican Alliance with three other major Templar Orders. This including our own,  Sovereign Military Order Temple of Jerusalem SMOTJ name in 1979. This name was used by us in official Vatican discussions held in Rome under Canon Johannes Becker, of the Vatican . Our Orthodox Church name is, Sovereign Military Order Knights of Christ Temple of Jerusalem. Again any other Brevets dated prior to 17th of March 2007 are just false worthless pieces of paper.

Legal Position.

I remind all that we as the Non Masonic Scottish Knight Templar, SMOTJ, Order have been involved in,  and have won two Court Cases. The first was in England by Gary Martin Beaver OSMTH (Regency) he was the Grand Prior of England and Wales, appointed as such by Mr Fontes in 2001/3 period. He told the Court how he had replaced Mr James Mangan this due to an undefended Court Action brought by Beaver, also Internet Fruitcake item sent to Fontes by Beaver. This case involving Mr Mangan, also other disclosures made by Mr Beaver of photographs, and vile activities in Thailand by Mangan. Also look up this full Beaver name on  more proof of bad types who were/are in Fontes now OSMTH defunct Regency Order.  The Court confirmed Beaver as an exposed fraudster, and he told us yes, he was a freemason in Grand Lodge, London; Beaver was at that time, a very close friend, and Co Director of the fraudulent, False Order of the Sword.  James Mangan got Gary Martin Beaver admitted into Grand Lodge, London. Fontes own OSMTH Archives confirm this change giving us factual proof.  Mangan later formed his own organisation The Association of Knight Templars this was also banned in 2006 by Fontes. 
Court Case
Beaver arrived at Court in a year old, two seater, Mercedes sports car, he was also dressed as a fully frocked Archbishop of his latest scam; The Masonic Templar Church. During the Proceedings my submitted letters, from the Archbishop of Canterbury, from Head of Anglican Church in Wales, confirmed that Mr Gary Martin Beaver was never consecrated, nor ever a member of the Anglican Church. This disproved his false claim that he was consecrated by, and into the Anglican Church. It was also brought to the Courts attention by me, of Beavers criminal usage of the Titles of the Earl of Bradford, and other peoples Titles.  Beaver was proven by my evidence to be selling Titles by paypal on his various websites. We also got more confirmation from Beaver of him, winning an undefended court action (see above) against James Mangan, Beaver boasted as he told us of a large five figure sum, he got awarded from Mangan, who used OSMTH cheque book, and its funds to pay Beaver. I submitted a copy of this cheque as proof. This was according to Beaver one of the many reasons why Mangan and Zubras were both expelled by Fontes from OSMTH, Beaver replaced Mangan. Also the OSMTH Patents held by Mangan were awarded to Beaver as his Beavers Property. I got Beaver to admit in Court, that he and Mangan, were co directors of a media Telegraph Paper, exposed fraudulent Company, this was struck of by Companies House London, Order of the Sword he admitted to the Court, they had both been struck off as Directors, with two others. After a few more hours of more Fraud revelations, by Beaver, and a serious item ref allegations made in an article on the web from Beaver, this  was called Internet Fruitcakes it naming Mangan, and a Mr Vince  Zubras this items remains privy to the Judge and myself. Judge agreed to my request that it be ordered to be taken down by Beaver.
The judge then closed the case in my favour. He asked me how much I wanted from Mr Beaver, I told the Judge I was not here for money. I was here as a Christian, to defend the Christian Church, our Templar name, our Faith from this evil person who admitted he was accepting money to do; Births, Marriages, Deaths, in the Masonic Templar tradition  which was a criminal act. I asked only for my travel expenses £104, Beaver pays all costs, also the Patents of OSMTH be awarded to me by transfer from Mr Beaver. This all done between the sobbing of Mr Beaver who between sobs told the Judge, the car was not his, he owned no property, he owned no business. He told Judge he was on Jobseekers Allowance of £40 per week, his rent paid by DSS, hence why he qualified for legal aid, and had a legal team of a QC, a solicitor, and a clerk present these all paid for by the Taxpayers. I queried this in Court as I reminded Judge that Beaver in his Court Papers was asking for £50,000 from me, for his own loss of earnings? So if Unemployed how can he ask the Court for loss of earnings. Needless to say neither I, nor the Taxpayer ever received a penny, or the OSMTH Patents from Mr Beaver who is now a wanted criminal, and a warrant was later issued to Interpol in his name. I also point out to all that it was the OSMTH elected Deputy Grand Master Luis Roseira who after investigation by private detectives in London, paid for by us, expelled Gary Martin Beaver, and his bogus wife Princess Selina of the Hellfire club in 2003 from the OSMTH (Regency) it was not done by Fontes as he was making more money from Beavers Templar scam, than Mangan, or I ever paid him.